Parent Advisory Committee

This advisory committee has been established by the Bishop of the Diocese of Peoria to promote the participation of members in furthering the educational mission of the Church in her schools. The committee is to aid the Principal by its advice and counsel in areas for discussion per meetings. 

The members were appointed by Principal Hobin and were approved by the Superintendent of Schools of the Diocese of Peoria.
Mr. Hobin and the committee meet throughout the school year to discuss various topics. 
This committee serves at the discretion of the Bishop and should be used by our current and future AHS families as another educational resource. 

Parent Advisory Committee Members

Amanda Baugous
Sara Darrow
Marcie Davis
Joleen Easley
Heather Fox
Lara Hodge
Renee Kelly
Christina Klauer
John Marx
Lisa Maynard
Dan McLaughlin
Ben Meiresonne
Karen Mihm
John Nonnenmann
Diana Yazigi