The English Department is committed to providing dynamic learning experiences that promote the development of students’ communication skills.  Through the study of literature, students achieve the awareness necessary to distinguish the body of truth which literature offers to readers.  Through writing, speech, and language instruction, students improve their ability to present their own ideas clearly and effectively.  Our goal is to assist students in development into thoughtful members of a society made better by their contributions.


Faculty Members

Mrs. Andrea Thompson

High School:  Alleman Catholic High School
Classes:  English I, Honors English I
Years of Experience: 
Other Duties: 
Email: athompson@allemanhighschool.org


Ms. Megan McCracken
High School:  Alleman Catholic High School
College/University: Illinois State University / B.A. English & Communications
                                          Western Illinois University / M.A. Sports Management
Classes:  English II, Honors English II, World Literature
Years of Experience: 3
Other Duties: Girls Varsity Basketball Coach
Email: mmccracken@allemanhighschool.org

Mrs. Jackie Phelps    (Department Chair)
High School: Alleman Catholic High School
College/University: Illinois State University / B.A. History & English
Classes: English III, Honors English III
Years of Experience: 20
Other Duties: Girls Sophomore Basketball Coach, Dance Marathon Advisor, Student Council Advisor & Sigma Advisor
Email: jphelps@allemanhighschool.org

Mrs. Sally Eberhardt
High School:  Mt. Carroll High School
College/University: Western Illinois University / B.A.
                                           Western Illinois University / M.S. +32
Classes:  English IV, Honors English IV
Years of Experience: 38
Other Duties: Pioneer Post Moderator
Email: seberhardt@allemanhighschool.org