The Science Department is committed to developing the curiosity and intellect God has blessed each of us with to recognize and appreciate the beauty, diversity, and consistency of His creation - our universe. Every day events are interpreted in terms of scientific concepts and principles. This science background prepares the individual to function effectively in an increasingly technical world. As well, they are better able to consider and evaluate the issues of modern society such as resource and environmental conservation and ethical technology development and application. Our classes give the student the opportunity to learn, practice & master skills relevant to their everyday world and future professional goals.


Faculty Members

Dr. Greg Schneider    (Department Chair)
High School: Alleman Catholic High School
College/University: United States Air Force Academy / B.S. Physics & Applied Math
                                          Air Force Institute of Technology / M.S. PhD Engineering Physics
Classes:  Honors Physics, Physics, Academic Physics
Years Experience: 9
Mr. Aaron Van Dyke
High School: Mount Vernon High School
College/University: Cornell College / B.S.S
                                            Northwest Missouri State / M.S. Education
Classes: Honors Chemistry, Chemistry, Academic Chemistry
Years Experience: 35


Sr. M. Benedicta:
High School: Catholic Central High School (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)
College/University: University of Lethbridge / Bachelors of Science
                                        Hastings College / M.A. Teaching, Secondary Education
Classes: Biology
Years Experience:16
Other Duties: Campus Ministry & Engineering Club
Mr. David Shaffer
High School: Rich South High School
College/University: Millikin University / B.S. Biology Secondary Education
Classes: Honors Biology II, Biology II, Academic Chemistry
Years Experience: 3