Counseling Department

The Alleman Counseling Department is here to help you!   The Counseling Department provides students with resources to make decisions regarding post-secondary education and career choices.  These include college admissions, scholarships and financial aid. Students can see their counselor before school, after school, during lunch time or during their study hall period.  During the school day, the student will need to get a pass either from the Counseling Office or their teacher in advance.  

Parents may schedule a meeting with a Guidance Counselor by contacting the Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Kathy Miller at extension 414.  

The Student Corner is also available as a resource for students and includes information on colleges, college admissions, financial aid, scholarships, careers and the Armed Forces. 

Counselors serve as a liaison between the student and the college admissions office.  The Counselors assist students in creating a resume' of their high school accomplishments and activities along with writing a personal statement which will be sent to prospective colleges.  Students also receive assistance from the Counselors in choosing colleges and submitting applications.