Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Alleman, a student must have a minimum of 24 credits, of which the following are required:

  • 4 credits each: Religion, English
  • 3 credits each: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
  • 1.5 credits: Physical Education
  • 0.5 credits each: Computer, Health, Applied Economics
  • 1 credit chosen from: Music, Art, Foreign Language, or Vocational Education

The "remainder" of the 24 credits needed: Electives (Foreign Language strongly recommended for college-bound students).

All students are required to participate in the Christian Service Program as described in the Student Handbook and as presented by their Religion teacher. Seniors are required to pass the Constitution Test which is given as part of the American Government Course and the Diocesan Religion Assessment which is given as part of the Religion IV curriculum.

Preparation for specific personal, vocational, or college interests will require careful planning of the individual's course of study. The counseling staff assists each student with his/her planning.