Financial Aid

Alleman believes that finances should not be a barrier to experiencing an excellent education, in a community of faith.   Providing tuition assistance funds based on financial need is considered a top priority.

Alleman offers tuition assistance through an online application system called, "FACTS." The FACTS Application process applies to both the Spalding and Alleman Tuition Assistance Applications which are described below.  The FACTS Application needs to only be completed once per year. If you have students attending Alleman as well as one of our Partner schools at Jordan, Seton, or Our Lady of Grace, you only need to complete the FACTS one time. If you are seeking financial aid in any form, you must complete the FACTS Application.

If you have any questions about the Tuition Assistance Process, please contact our Business Manager, Mr. Dave DeJaegher at or (309) 786-7793. 

Apply for a Spalding Scholarship from the Diocese of Peoria

The Diocese of Peoria offers scholarship opportunities for students desiring an Alleman education. Parishioners at any of the 14 supporting parishes are eligible to apply for the Spalding Scholarship.    The deadline for the Spalding Scholarship grant is March 15, 2017. Parents are encouraged to apply online.  Families of students currently receiving grants are reminded that all grants are for one year only, and anyone seeking to renew a grant for the 2017 - 2018 year must reapply. Notification of grant awards will be made by the end of April.  You can download a Checklist for the Spalding Scholarship here.  Please read the Protocols and Procedures for the Spalding Scholarship.

Apply for Tuition Assistance from Alleman 

Families may also apply for tuition assistance from Alleman.  A FACTS application must be completed for consideration.  If you need a hard copy of the FACTS application, please visit the school office. FACTS, a private-processing company, makes recommendations to Alleman regarding the distribution of available tuition-assistance funds.  The deadline for submitting a FACTS application for tuition assistance April 7, 2017.  Failure to meet the application deadlines may significantly reduce your opportunity to receive financial assistance.  Families registering after April 1 who desire assistance should contact the Business Manager at 309-786-7793 ext. 402 or email

Endowed Scholarships

Alleman also offers scholarships for incoming freshmen and current students. Most scholarships are selected by the scholarship committee.

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