Financial Aid

Alleman High School strives to keep tuition and fees as affordable as possible for families.  We also are committed to maximizing financial assistance opportunities for families so that finances do not determine whether a student receives an Alleman education.  Tuition Assistance Applications are handled in a confidential manner and awards are based on financial need.  

There are three (3) Tuition Assistance resources for parents to apply to.  All three programs are independent of each other and must be applied for separately. To maximize your assistance opportunities, it is critical that the application processes are followed and deadlines are met.  It is also important to note that receiving or not receiving financial assistance from one program does not guarantee or limit you from receiving assistance from other programs.

IMPORTANT! All three grants are for one year only and need to be reapplied for annually!

If you have any questions or need help in applying please contact:
•Sara Stroud / Principal EMAIL / 309-786-7793 x 400
•Dave DeJaegher / Business Manager  EMAIL / 309-786-7793 x 402
•Jammie Jamieson / Admissions Coordinator  EMAIL / 309-786-7793 x 418

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Service is an independent company that helps schools process and evaluate tuition assistance applications for both the John Lancaster Spalding and the Alleman Tuition Assistance Program.  FACTS is used by all the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Peoria.  If you have students attending Alleman as well as one of our partner schools (Jordan, Our Lady of Grace, or Seton) you only need to complete the FACTS application one time per year.  Please make sure all children from your family and the schools they attend are listed in Section 2 of the FACTS application.

John Lancaster Spalding Scholarships

The Diocese of Peoria offers scholarships for families attending its Catholic schools.  Parishioners at any of the 15 supporting Vicariate parishes are eligible to apply for a Spalding Scholarship.

The application deadline for Spalding scholarships for the 2020-2021 school year has been extended until Sunday, May 31, 2020.

Families must upload either their federal 2019 OR 2018 tax return.  Regardless of which year’s tax return they upload, they must also upload their 2019 W-2’s.

Families interested in applying for tuition assistance from the Spalding Scholarship Fund must complete a FACTS Grant & Aid Application.  Filing online is the fastest and most direct method of submitting the application and required supporting tax documents.  Click Here to apply online  
Paper copies are available at the Main Office of the school.

Download a copy of the Spalding Protocols & Procedures
Download a copy of the Spalding Scholarship Checklist
Descargue una copia de los protocolos y procedimientos de Spalding
Descargue una copia de la Lista de verificación de la beca Spalding

Alleman Tuition Assistance Program

Please Note: Paper copies for the FACTS Tuition Assistance program will no longer be accepted. ALL APPLICATIONS FOR FACTS TUITION ASSISTANCE MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE!

To view a sample of what these applications will look like click one of the following: English Example / Spanish Example

If you need assistance with completing the application process, please contact the Alleman Business Office 309-786-7793 x 402

Alleman High School provides an extensive tuition assistance program to help families.  Funds allocated through our tuition assistance program are raised throughout the school year.  A FACTS Application must be completed for consideration.  Click Here to apply online

The deadline for submitting a FACTS Application is the same as the Spalding Scholarship, April 30th.  Families registering after April 30th who desire to apply for tuition assistance should contact the Alleman High School Business Office ( / 309-786-7793 x 402)

Through the FACTS Application process families will be required to provide:
• A copy of the family's most recent Federal Tax Return
• Copies of all most recent W-2 Forms

Notifications of tuition assistance allocations will be made by the end of May.


Illinois Tax Credit Scholarships 

Alleman families have a new opportunity to benefit from the Illinois Tax-Credit Scholarship Program made possible through the "Invest in Kids Act".  This new program offers scholarships to low-income and working-class families across the State of Illinois.  Starting at 7pm on January 15 parents can apply HERE.  Based on funds available, scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, so do not delay in applying.

Eligibility to receive scholarships is based on family income and priority will be given to families who reside in under-performing focus public school districts.  When applying, families will be required to submit:
• A copy of their Federal Tax Return
• Proof of Illinois Residency
• Enrollment or acceptance letter from the private school(s) their students will attend

For further information regarding the program, the application process, and the income eligibility guidelines visit:

Financial Aid