Campus Ministry

Fr. Matthew Hoelscher, Chaplain

Alleman High School exist as an apostolate of various Catholic parishes within the IL Quad City area. Our school wouldn't and couldn't exist without their financial support.

Upon realizing this a natural question to ask is why do they support us? Why do they invest so much of their treasure into supporting Catholic secondary education in the IL Quad Cities?

The reason is that our parishes want each child to receive an education that has at its specific mission the integral formation of the human person.

Our Catholic parishes recognize that children and young people must be guaranteed the possibility of developing harmoniously their own physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual gifts, and they must also be helped to develop their sense of responsibility, learn the correct use of freedom, and participate actively in social life (cf. 795 of the Code of Canon Law).

“A form of education that ignores or marginalizes the moral and religious dimension of the human person is a hindrance to a full education, because children and young people have a right to be motivated to appraise moral values with a right conscience, to embrace them with a personal adherence, together with a deeper knowledge and love of God.”

One of the special characteristics of our school is therefore our religious instruction.

Parents/Guardians, it our joy at AHS to be a school that can provide a complete education for your child. We take our responsibility given to us by the parishes seriously in assisting you in fulfilling your duty to educate your child.

AHS is tremendously grateful for the gift of each child who is a part of our school. We have been entrusted with the greatest treasure of any family, but we do not take parents’ or guardians’ place. Parents/Guardians always remain the child’s primary educators. They remain their first Catholic school of which AHS is simply an extension.

We nurture and build upon the solid foundation given to them by you!