Game Club

Game Club is an after-school group that meets every Tuesday and Thursday in the John O'Connor Library to play games. Special events are occasionally held with other groups. Game Club's purpose is to promote gaming for all ages in the Alleman community.  Students have fun as well as practice thinking strategically through problems that all players must work through to win any game.

Games played include: economic resource management, auctions, cooperative, political and historical recreation, and deductive puzzles and others. Game Club is open to all students and is a welcome relief to anyone who wants to work their brain while having fun.

Benefits of being a Game Club Member:

  1. You get to meet new people
  2. Game Club is free to join
  3. There are no obligations
  4. You get acess to award winning games not usually found in stores
  5. Playing games is good for your brain
  6. Best of all - it's Fun