Student Council

The Student Council is designed to be an important part of every school. At Alleman High School, Student Council works to:

  • Serve as a medium of communication between the student body and the administration and faculty;

  • Promote and maintain high standards of individual responsibility, initiative, cooperation and maturity among the students;

  • Share in the development, promotion, coordination and management of school activities; and

  • Nurture in all students traits of good citizenship


Responsibilities of the Alleman Student Council include:

  • Guide freshmen during the Freshmen Orientation

  • Planning and organizing all Homecoming activities

  • Coordinating two blood drives with the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center

  • Planning activities for Student Council Week

2017-2018 Student Council Execs
2017-2018 Senior Representatives
2017-2018 Junior Representatives
2017-2018 Freshman Representatives
2017-2018 Student Council