Community Service

In our human relationships, we come to realize the beautiful reciprocity between knowing and loving someone.  The more I love someone the more I desire to know them, and the more I know them the more my love for them increases.  As a Catholic high school, we strive to help our students come to both know and love God. He is the living God who, through His Son Jesus Christ, has invited us into relationship with Him.  The knowledge received throughout the school day ought to lead our students into a deeper love of God, the source of all knowledge. From this fundamental relationship--I am loved by a personal God--our desire to serve God through serving others ought to flow.  This is the basis of our “Christian Service Initiative” program (CSI). Rooted in a love of God we strive to serve Him by serving our neighbors.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours through a CSI project during their time spent at Alleman (20 hours each year).  They are also encouraged to perform service hours outside of the school and aside from their CSI project.

For more information and to submit hours you have completed, please click the Christian Service Initiative link or the Service Hours link on the right