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The most important trait of any successful team or program is great preparation. Hard work and dedication have always been the cornerstone of Alleman Athletics. One of the biggest challenges our athletic programs have always had to overcome is the condition of our practice field. The leading sports turf experts in our area have tried multiple times to reseed and resod the field with very limited long- term results. Initially the field is in good shape but, as we all know too well, when practices start the condition of the field deteriorates quickly.  There is simply too much activity on too small an area.

Our goal is to raise the necessary funds to install sports turf on our practice field here at Alleman High School. The initial investment is considerable but realistically it is the only long-term solution for overuse our field experiences. It would greatly benefit not only the football program but also Alleman physical education classes, strength and conditioning programs, and other outdoor sports programs by providing a consistent and safe surface for athletes to train and prepare for their
prospective sports.

We are appealing for support from our great base of alumni, current and former parents, and the entire Alleman community to help us achieve our goal and help give the future Pioneers the best opportunity to carry on the pride and tradition of Alleman High School.

Turf Field Benefits:

  • Given our space constraints, it increases the practice field’s availability and minimizes cancellations and disruptions due to inclement weather.
  • Eliminates the rapid deterioration of the field’s condition especially during wet weather conditions
  • Reduces annual maintenance by eliminating annual seeding, fertilization, irrigation, and mowing expenses
  • Allows broader access of field use for Alleman PE classes and strength and conditioning programs
  • Will provide an alternative training site for outdoor sports (soccer, softball, baseball, and track) in early spring and especially during inclement weather conditions.
  • Increased competitiveness of the football program due to the consistency of their practice field to game conditions. Five of the six conference schools will have sports turf playing fields by the start of the 2017 season which includes Augustana College where all Alleman home football games are played.

Project Details:

  • Work will be done by Bush Sports Turf – Owned and operated by Steve and Julie Bush (Alleman Class of 1982)
  • 3-4 week installation time
  • $600,000 estimated installation cost that includes excavation & grading, drainage, rock base, synthetic playing surface, and sand and rubber fill.
  • Estimated life expectancy is 8-10 years after which the synthetic surface portion will likely need to be replaced.
  • Goal of the Alumni Field Appeal is $600,000 for the initial installation and anything collected beyond our goal would be invested to help with the replacement of the synthetic field in 8-10 years.

Programs That Will Benefit:

  • Alleman Football
  • Alleman Physical Education Classes
  • Alleman Offseason & Summer Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • Boys & Girls Soccer
  • Boys & Girls Track & Field
  • Cheerleading
  • Booster Boy Youth Football Practices

If you are interested in being a class representative or representative for a particular sport, please contact Joe Conklin, Athletic Director, at 309-786-7793


Alumni Field

“Hi there, my high-class Pioneers!  The little ole priest needs your help.  We want to update the Alleman football field and make it available, not only for our football team to practice on, but for our soccer, track, and cross country athletes and any other athletes who may need to practice outside.  The physical education classes will be able to use it as well.  Your help in completing this project will be greatly appreciated!  You are greatly loved by the little ole priest for all that you do and give to Alleman.”  

Development Director, Alleman High School

“The installation of a state of the art Field-Turf practice surface will provide our students with a safer and more reliable training environment. This upgrade enables more of our programs and athletes to utilize this space for practice, drill work, and strength and conditioning sessions. This project is essential to empower Alleman High School to continue to serve its students at the highest level.”

Alleman High School Athletic Director

“The Alleman practice field has become an obstacle in our preparation in building treasured memories for our current players. Our field will not weather any inclement conditions which will cause us to transport our players to an alternate practice sight, practice in the gym, or cancel practice altogether. Even in the best conditions after week three of the season the middle of the field is completely worn down.

We often remind our young men of the sacrifices the players before them made for Alleman Football. Any help to improve our practice field would be greatly appreciated and a great link between the players from the past and the future of Alleman Football.”

1976 AHS Graduate and Head Football Coach

“Alleman needs a first class practice facility to provide a proper teaching and coaching environment. While we all took pride in practicing hard in ankle deep mud just
outside “The Barn”, the time has come to update, improve, and modernize the Alleman practice field. The kids, who always give their best, deserve a quality practice field.”

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, 1981-1993

“Alleman Football has always been a source of great pride for the Alleman Community. The players always worked hard to uphold the responsibility of carrying on the pride and tradition of our program. Without question one of the biggest challenges of the program year in and year out is the condition of the practice field.

Many times through the years preparation time was altered or abbreviated because the playing surface of the practice field was either too wet or brutally hard. Everyone who ever wore the green and white knows what wear and tear that field takes on the players. If the proposed changes to the field are able to happen it would be a game changer for the program and the school. Alumni Field would be a tribute to the great tradition of Alleman Football.”

1976 AHS Graduate and Football Coach from 1987-2014

“Some of my favorite memories in athletics are my time spent as a Pioneer football player hanging out with my buddies, Friday night games, and all the great things associated with Alleman High School. After coaching for 30 years at the collegiate level, it is obvious facilities are a critical piece to success. The same is true at Alleman where we are in desperate need of a modern updated practice field. We need a commitment from us graduates to make this happen. I hope you feel as passionate about Alleman as I do.”

1973 AHS Graduate, 1980 USA Olympian,
University of Illinois Head Wrestling Coach (1993-2009)

“When I started as the Girls Soccer Coach 7 years ago one of the first things I noticed was that, all around, Alleman was in a class by themselves. We’ve seen lots of improvements in the school for the students. It is now time to show current and future Alleman athletes that we believe they truly are top class by giving them the best training facility around.”

Head Girls Soccer Coach, 2011-Present

What others are saying about a similar installation for St. Ambrose University and Assumption Catholic High School in Davenport:

“The field turf fields at the new St. Vincent Athletic Complex have allowed our student-athletes the opportunity to practice and compete on a state-of-the-art surface for outdoor athletics.  The field turf provides a safe, consistent playing surface that is not only attractive, but useable 100% of the time.”

Assumption Football Coach and Athletic Director