Birdies For Charity 2020

Hi There My Wonderful and Generous Alleman Supporters:

The little ol’ priest again is hoping that you can partner with Alleman High School in the 2020 Birdies for Charity Program. The Birdies for Charity Program will in fact continue this year in spite of the COVID-19 coronavirus. A one-cent pledge from you multiplied by all of our participating supporters will result in funds needed to help update Classroom Technology and Student Educational Resources.

Here’s how Birdies works:

• Fill out the enclosed “Birdies for Charity” pledge form indicating your donation per birdie (i.e. if 1800 birdies are made during the tournament, a one-cent pledge would mean a donation of $18 to Alleman). Return the form to Alleman High School in the enclosed return envelope
• Go online at and fill out a form on behalf of Alleman. Our organization number is 753.

• Fulfill your pledge in August when you receive notification in the mail from the tournament of the amount of your donation (all donations are 100% tax deductible).

You will be mailed an invoice in August from the Birdies for Charity office, please make sure to fulfill your pledge when this comes in so that Alleman will receive your gift. All donations are 100% tax deductible!

Our concentration for proceeds earned through Birdies in 2020 will be to update Classroom Technology and Student Educational Resources. With COVID-19, we are restructuring our school procedures to meet the health and safety standards set forth from the State of Illinois and the Peoria Diocese  In the case of hybrid learning or eLearning, our staff and students need the technology and support to continue learning at high levels.

We were thrilled that JDC was able to continue their generosity to all of the charities that benefit from Birdies for Charity!  We rely on this as one of our largest fundraisers so we are grateful for the support during these unprecedented times.

That’s all there is to it. Alleman will benefit from your donation, along with an additional contribution from the Birdies for Charity Program based on our overall participation in the program. We are happy to be a part of the wonderful community program, and ask for your support. Remember - your one-cent pledge can really add up and make a difference for Alleman High School. The little ol’ priest thanks you in advance. Alleman would be lost without your wonderful support. You are greatly loved for your devotion and generosity to Alleman.


Rev. Daniel Mirabelli, C.S.V.
Director of Development
Alleman’s Bird in the Birdies for Charity Program


Birdies for Charity
Thanks for your Support!